MU Hard Legendary

0 0 0 2 years
Rating member from:

Exp: 25x

Max character level: 400

Master exp: 8x

Max Master Level : 300

Jewels of Soul +luck = 75%

Jewel of Soul without luck = 50%

Life = 60% (+28 option Max)

No item shop, only in-game hunted

Offtrade: Sell your items for WCoins (enabled in lorencia)

Spots: 7 Mobs

Party exp system with bonus

Frequent Updates

Exclusive events

Customer fully customized

Automatic party system

Anti-cheat system updated

MuHelper (Bot Automatic Internal)

Socket Itens&Wings; (EX700)

New Skill Tree (EX700)

New Store System

System Ranked+Reward

Auto Reconnect

Project servers
Name Type Version Rates Online
Hard PvP S6 x25 1000
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