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Server configuration info:

Exp: 250x

Drop 80% (80% items, 20% zen)

Points per Level: 5/7/7 + 1

Maximal Master Level: 200 Lvl

Master Level PPL: 1 Point per Level

Zen Drop: Average

Spots: Lorencia, Noria, Elbeland, Devias, Losttower, Atlans, Tarkan, Kanturu(all maps), Arena

Shops: Basic sets +9, Box of Kundun +1 to +5, Jewel of Bless, Quest items, Potions. Also PCPoints Shop & X Shop (Lorencia, Noria, Devias Safe zone)

Party exp system:

Normal party 2 Players: 160% of Exp

Normal party 3 Players: 210% of Exp

Normal party 4 Players: 240% of Exp

Normal party 5 Players: 300% of Exp

And here is info about "Golden Party":

Set party 3 Players: 300% of Exp

Set party 4 Players: 450% of Exp

Set party 5 Players: 600% of Exp

Exchange System:

Online Hours ==> Credits ( 1 Hour = 100 Credits )

Credits ==> Zen ( 1 Credit = 100k Zen )

Lottery System: Ticket cost = 500 Gold Credits

Scramble Event: each 6 hours, lasts 30 minutes.

Market system

Various dontion systems

VIP System:

Reset from Level 320

Reset reward: 100 Credits

Reset cost: 100kk Zen

Grand Reset reward: 60k Credits

Master Grand Reset reward: 300k Credits

No In-Game bonuses.

Change Class

Rename Character

Character Waiting Room ( you can store your characters there, no need for multi-accounts. )

Clear Inventory from Web

Sell free stats ( 50 Level up points = 1 Credit )


Blood Castle

Chaos Castle

Devil Square


White Wizard

Dragon Invasion

Kanturu Event

Castle Siege (Server has some issues with position)


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